In the fall of 2002, three students from the College of Engineering at the U of S had an idea. Realizing the sad situation of developing countries, they wanted to take a pro-active step and help by starting a chapter of Engineers Without Borders. By Christmas that year, an extremely motivated team of six stood as the EWB Saskatchewan executive. Soon after, the executive held their first informal meeting. Over 180 students, faculty, and other interested people attended. Local media was all over this new buzz and helped promote the new chapter. This powerful presentation quickly won the interest of nearly every person in attendance. Two weeks later, 66 EWB Saskatchewan memberships were sold and the ball was rolling. First Year Goals:
  • Acquire Members
  • Design Games
  • Social Events
  • Guest Speakers
  • Research Possible Projects
  • Gain Contacts in Host Countries
All of the "first year goals" were realized and the chapter was well on their way to making BIG things happen. Actually, the chapter went over and above their first year goals and even started working on three fairly substantial projects: the book drive, the Kenya project, and the Arran project.