EWB Promotes Human Development Through Access to Technology. Why have we chosen "EWB promotes human development through access to technology" as a mission? We have chosen those eight words because they are simple, capture what we do, and reflect three important beliefs: 1. They put people first - we "promote human development." This reminds us that technology is a means, not an ends to development, and that the goals of the members in the communities where we work come first. 2. They recognise that engineering will play a key role in human development. In every borehole that is drilled and handpump installed, in every rural electrification initiative and in every irrigation scheme. This is not to underplay the inherent link with other critical issues such as governance, institutions and social capital. 3. They highlight that the key is access to technology. People can lack access to technology for any number of reasons - insufficient resources, an inappropriate design, no local technician to maintain a particular technology, or even inappropriate government policy. Eventually, all these facets of access to technology must be addressed if true and lasting progress is to be made. So, that is our mission - "Promoting Human Development Through Access to Technology".