To go along with my earlier blog post on how much things cost in Malawi I had someone request to know what wages are like. So here are some wages I have found, sorry there isn't more but I don't feel comfortable asking a lot of people their wages. They are in Malawian Kwacha and on a monthly basis's, net and gross vary.
In the Government
Lowest paying, manual labour            6,300 (net)
With a diploma                                     22,300
Degree                                                   35,610
Executive                                               43,000-86,000
On Contract                                          86,000-125,000
Not Government (these salaries vary much more)
Waiter                                                    3,000
Bartender                                               5,000
Manager                                                                9,000
Bike taxis                                               10,000 (if they work mon -frid and make 500 a day which is doable)
Local NGO (National NGO, International NGOs are higher)
Finance and Administration               37,000----international 72,000
Field Advisor                                        47,000---- international 127,000 with raises     
With less then three weeks left, less then 2 in Salima, I am starting to get things closer to a wrap up. I am trying to figure out how to make my actions in the last 3ish months stay with the NGO after I leave, say goodbye to friends and acquaintances and figure out my plans for coming back to Canada. 
I spent the Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday at work trying to wrap up, Thursday and Friday I was in Lilongwe to update my visa. I ended up having to pay 30,000 kwacha and apply to be a temporary resident of Malawi.
I have tried to make my blog posts not involve too much of my mind set but if you would like to know where my head is at on any topics of if you have questions please let me know, Thank you again to everyone reading and supporting me.