August 14

I am almost done all my work with Work for Rural Health. I have been busy with Jenna wrapping everything up, including presentations and meetings. Tomorrow we have two more meetings and then we are done with our commitments.
So after our meetings we are going to be taking our 5 day vacation before we go back to Toronto for our post dep. From there home for a week and a half then school.
I was sad to leave Salima. I will miss my friends at Iponga (the shop where I bought my buns for lunch everyday), general people and Ivan (the boy I was living with). 
I which I had some great story but I am sort of drained from trying to wrap everything up and planning for the new school year. I am so excited to share my stories and experiences with everyone and have some sweet development conversations when I get back.
Sorry to everyone who has been looking for my blogs and haven't been finding any.
I am sitting at Mabuya camp in Lilongwe( the capital) with Jenna listening to music. 
The other week I had my first minibus breakdown, the first time it broke down we started again in reverse, the second time we broke down the water the cools the radiator shot all over us and the third time it broke down it didn't start again. So once we decided it wasn't going anywhere we got onto another big bus and I had my first stand up ride.
Sorry I don't have anything else for now.