I have been back to Canada for almost a week and I thought it should be about time to let people know that I am back safe.

I spent my 5 days in Malawi being on a vaction with Jenna and Sylvie.

We left to Blantyre in the afternoon after my meetings and spent the night in dorms, we met up with some other EWB volunteers to catch up and talk about our work wrap up.  The next morning we left early to Mt.Mulanje the highest mountain in Malawi.  We got a guide from the forestry office and started up the mountain.  We had heard lots of stories about people getting lost (we even know a couple people who got lost) so we decided the wisest thing was to get a guide.  We spent two nights on the mountain.  The first night was in a little lodge, so we slept beside the fire to stay warm after our 5 hour hike.  the next night we hiked about 4 hours got to the cottage early then rested a bit.  After out rest we went for about 2 hour walk  to a fantasitc view point, we had a view of Mulanje town.  The next morning we hiked back down the mountain to take a bus to Liwonde National Park.  Once we got there we met up with Duncan, Emily, Janelle (other EWB volunteers) for supper.  The next morning after waking up from our tents we went for a morning guided walk, breakfest, canoe ride, hike, supper and night drive.  The guided walk was cool, we saw elephant manure, antalope, water buck, lots of birds, worthogs, gazzel and ants.  The canoe ride was very peaceful and included some very scary looking hippopotomus, lots more birds and dead baby crockadile.  The hike up the hill took us to an amazing view, on the way down we watched the sun go down.  The next morning we went for a morning drive and we saw elephants and lots of monkeys.  We made our way back to Lilongwe and had our last night in Malawi.  The travel home took almost 40 hours.

We had post-dep in Toronto with all the volunteers from Malawi and Ghana.  It was very good to see everyone and good to be back into Canada.  I am safe and healthy as far as I know.

Thank you you very much for ready.

If you have any questions please let me know, alisonsilversides@gmail.com