EWB Office (Across from Eng Lounge)

1st Public Outreach Team Meeting:

We will be discussing what Public Outreach is, how you can get involved, and what the plans are for this upcoming year.

We will be going over what events we are planning so far and try to set some dates for them as well as find out who is interested in what. I also want to get answers for all your lingering questions and help you understand what EWB is all about.

A major part of this first meeting is just talking in general to the rest of the Public Outreach Team and getting to know them better on a personal level.

So come out to the EWB Office (across from the Eng Lounge) at 4:30pm on Tuesday, September 16th to start the Public Outreach awesomeness.

If you have any questions feel free to email me at outreach@usask.ewb.ca

- Taylor