EWB is in the "turnover" process of picking its new president and team leaders for the 2009-2010 school year. The goal of the annual turnover is:

  1. To bring in fresh ideas and enthusiasm
  2. To match people's unique strengths and interests to roles that let them make a difference in reducing extreme poverty
  3. To support the new team by transferring knowledge, skills, and attitudes from the outgoing leaders


  • - Chapter President
  • - Public Outreach Team Leader
  • - School Outreach Team Leader
  • - Fundraising Team Leader
  • - Communication Team Leader
  • - Member Learning Team Leader
  • - Finance Rep
  • - Junior Fellows (summer overseas volunteers - selected earlier this year)

More info on these: http://usask.ewb.ca/files/whatcanido.pdf

Not your cup of team? There's also a set of new ideas and positions that we might fill based on the strengths/interests of people that apply:

  • - Human Resources / New-peoples'-buddy
  • - Curriculum Enhancement Team Leader
  • - Administration and Logistics
  • - IT Team Leader
  • - Next-generation media team leader
  • - [Make up your own position here and tell us why it's needed]

(There are tons of ways to have an impact outside of these formal positions as well... but we do need some leaders to get us organized and working toward a common vision. "Read More" after the break)

 The application process: family closeness + democracy:

March 5 (morning): Applications for President due
March 5 (5:30PM): President candidates grilled by the members during regular Member Learning meeting. Election for president. (All chapter members encouraged to attend and vote.)
March 5: Applications for other Team Leader positions due today

Update: The deadline for team leader applications was moved to Tuesday, March 10th.  The Elections Meeting (still in Eng. room 2B53) will now be on Thursday March 12th.  Stay tuned for more updates! (Possibly involving transition retreats and EWB par-tays!) Thanks.

March 5-8: Applicants go for "interviews" (coffee and discussions) with new and old presidents and experienced members. Some topics, perhaps:
- Interests and goals, getting to know you
- Strengths and opportunities, situations where you operate best
- Constraints and time commitments, etc.

March 8, 5:30PM: Elections meeting in Eng. 2B53. All chapter members welcome to attend and vote.

March 14: Transition Retreat and PARTY

The application form:

1) What is your name, and how can we find you?
2) What is your favorite coffee shop and when is a good time?
3) Tell us something(s) you'd like us to know.

Completed applications can be emailed, handwritten and delivered, finger-painted, choreographed, or recorded into a song, to turnover@usask.ewb.ca

About EWB:

Engineers Without Borders is a bunch of university students and people across the country who want to take a chunk out of global poverty - it’s not just for engineers!  
We think that how Canadians live can have a huge impact on people in developing countries, and that if we change that up for the better, we really can change the world.
If you’re interested in international development, poverty reduction, and/or cookies, email newtoewb@usask.ewb.ca.  We’d love to have you on the team!