Another school year is drawing to a close - and it's been a fantastic year at the U of S EWB chapter!  Here on our oft-updated (possibly!) website, we'd just like to recap the past year, and introduce our super-pumped team for next year.  Be sure to click the "Read more" link to, well... read more of course!

2009-2010 EWB Team Leaders

Our new team is definitely excited about the coming year.  A big thanks to this past year's team, and all the best to all of you in the future.
The incoming team:
President: Taylor Verde
Public Outreach: Stephanie Laing
School Outreach: Kathryn Palmer
Advocacy: Payton Byrns
Fundraising: William Jansen
Member Learning: Alison Silversides and Chelsey Bartlett
Communications: Sean Boots
New People's Buddy: Kamera Lavoie
SWAT Team Leader: Erin Placatka
Finance: Sydney Byrns
Curriculum Enhancement: Mark Boots

There's more!  Click the Read More link on the right for a year recap, photos, and summer updates!

2008-2009 Chapter successes

It's been quite the year here at the U of S.  From a stealthy (but epic) Make Poverty History banner project, to a phenomenal Fair Trade Fair, to some great outreach on the streets of Saskatoon promoting fair trade, to school outreach presentations that are spanning the province.   Our chapter was awarded the "Most Improved Chapter" award at the 2009 EWB National Conference, and our past president, Mark Boots, was awarded Volunteer of the Year nation-wide.
Photo - Make Poverty History Banner

Photo - Fair Trade Fair

Photo - EWB Day Outreach

You can see more photos of our adventures and exploits over at the EWB Photos website.

Our Junior Fellows

In just a few weeks, our EWB Junior Fellows (summer overseas volunteers) are heading to Africa for an intense summer of on-the-ground impact, learning, and sharing.  Tamara Sonntag and Colleen Steele are going to Southern and Northern Malawi, respectively.  We're all very excited for them.  Be sure to check back here shortly for updates on their overseas blogs!

Getting in the loop

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We're also tentatively planning to update our website over the summer.  If you have any suggestions for our new website, we'd love to hear from you!  Email with any tips or feedback.

Thanks for visiting!  Good luck with finals, and have a fantastic summer!  Be sure to check back in May for updates from our Junior Fellows!  And if you haven't yet, sign up for our mailing list and stay in touch.
Take care!