Muli Bwang!

So I have some exciting news for you!  And it will blow your mind.

I got attacked by killer bees on my third day in Malawi!

I’ll have to tell you the whole story later, but this is what basically happened:

There were 5 of us volunteers walking down the street and we weren’t too far from the hotel in Lilongwe.  A few bees came buzzing by, then a dozen and then a hundred and before we knew it they were attacking us and swarming around us.  So we ran!  And we began hitting the bees off our heads, running and shouting down the road.  We got to the hotel and By Golly, the bees were clung to our shirts and our hair so we jumped into the showers as fast as we could and beat the bees off each other’s backs.  The others were shocked and confused and we yelled, Don’t go outside!  Safe behind closed doors we caught our breaths and assessed the situation, picking the stingers out.  Everyone seemed to be okay, but very startled.  The rest of the bees dissipated.

Apparently a nearby bee house was being moved or was knocked down causing a bee rampage.

And Mom, don’t worry about me, I’m fine.

So I have not yet parted from the whole JF team, we’ve been working together and staying at this hotel in the city of Lilongwe, Malawi.  There are about 7 other overseas workers staying with us and preparing us for our work experience.  I will be on my own soon and am a bit nervous.

The JFs were sent out in pairs to explore the market and go on a bit of a scavenger hunt.  This is when I received a real taste of Africa.  And taking out a camera in the street felt like I was intruding on people’s privacy, so I can’t actually give you a picture.  Tony and I walked through the maze of people and outdoor shops, passed the river and over an old crickety bridge.  We talked to many people, practicing our Chichewa and introductions:  Muli Bwange,  Ndili bwind kye inu, Ndili bwino Zikomo.  (thanks Ali)  It means: Hello how are you? I’m fine and you? I’m fine thank you.

So everything I have seen is only based upon the 3 days I have spent in Malawi and in one specific region only.  I don’t want to skew any of your perceptions of the place but am afraid that that has already happened.  So keep this in mind and don’t hold anything to me.  Talk to you later,


Tam Tam

P.S. There’s a tiny ant crawling across my screen, and I think a few more on my arm.