Mswela Bwang,


I am in my new home.  I live with a pastor and his family.  There are about 7 people in the house, (different people come and go) There are 3 bedrooms, a living room, a small kitchen and that's it.  The latrine is outside on the hill and a bath house is just right outside too.  So one of the biggest changes I am faced with is the fact that we have no running water.  Washing your hands is a burdon.  I have taken it for granted so much in Canada, and the bath house is new to me too.  Goodbye showers, hello basin of water and a cup.


The people I live with are very good to me.  They are teaching me Chichewa and all kinds of skills you need to live in Malawi.  I had to break out of my comfort zone the first night in Blantyre though.  So my coach came with me and dropped me off at my new home on Monday.  Everything was so different, kinda scary.  Especially my first night, I wanted to go home.  I share a room and a bed with a girl named Maggie, she's my age.  That night as I lay awake and listened to the baby crying, Maggie coughing, the dogs barking, the minibus horns honking and the religous programme blasting on the tv I was griped by a reality that has not yet left the pit of my stomach.

And I will reveil more of my story next time, but for now,

enjoy the Canadian climate and luxuries.  Drink milk and eat cheeze for me.


Tamara (or as most people call me here Tamala)