Everybody, meet Freddy

Freddy lives in our house.  He doesn't say too much to me, but I knows he likes me.  I can tell by his smile.  He sleeps in the living room and shares the same love of milk as I have.  (Not many others in the house drink milk)  He has to stay at home nearly everyday, but I don't think he's angry or upset with it.  Honestly, he's the one that has gotten past our skin colour and cultural differences the fastest out of everyone that I've met so far.  I adore him for that.  I know that one day he'll have a lot to say, given time.

He's got the biggest brightest eyes.  Sometimes I catch him eating strange things that he finds on the ground.  Sometimes I can hear him crying at night.  His birthday is coming up in November.  He's going to be--now how old is he going to be?  I can't quite remember.  Freddy is a little michivous.  He's got trouble written all over his face.  Except when he's strapped to Martha's back, he's quite content.

STOP---ok, ok, so by now you must be getting a bit confused or you might have guessed it already.  If not take a guess now to what this all means:  eating strange things, loves milk, not too much to say, strapped to back...



Freddy is my Malawian baby brother.  I love him, he's the best.