Hey all you great people, thanks for hearin my stories.

I made a collection of top 10's to keep you up on life a bit. 

Top 10 animals I have seen so far:

crocadile (it was in a pit, someone had it as a show pet)

turtle (it shared the pit with the crocadile)

monkey (they were jumpin around on trees at Sanga Bay and on the roof of our hostile)

bat (swooped down as we were swimming in lake Malawi at night)

toad (I caught a big mad toad and called it Harry)

birds (there were thousands of crows one day as I was walking in the city. they were flyiny high and it was crazy man)

dog (our pet dog here is called Boosh, he's warming up to me, I keep my distance cause I'm afraid of rabies)

cat(2 cats live and eat with us, they're small)

lizzard(speedy little devils, they're everywhere. I caught one once and it's tail fell off, sorry little guy)

rat (pretty sure there's a rat living in my room, I heard him run past me and something ate my bread)

Top 10 industries

market (selling potatoes, tomatoes, cassava, sugarcane...)

furnature (hand made couches, beds, cupbords)

hair salon

flour mill

coffin or tombstone maker

cell phone minutes sellors (everywhere!)

welders (gates, door frames)

banks (5 on one block in the city)

tailors (mostly men)


So I've tried texting people but I don't think any of it has worked.  If it does, tell me right away!  I recieved a few sweet texts from peoples and it has made my days! I appreciate it very much and want to see that spot down by the river, thanks.