People I know:

Meggie- my sister here.  She's 20, loves to sing, is a fine fine cook, has a fashion sense beyond mine, is a good dancer, takes good care of me, shares my bed, is afraid of the dark.

Prince- my neighbours kid.  He's 8 and plays in the yard and always wants my attention.  We play a lot of games together and I've taught them a few songs.  He's an only child.  His mother's name is Barbara.

David- my host father.  He's a pastor and has just retired from a telecommunications job.  He's dramatic and knows English and French. He likes 4 teaspoons of sugar in his tea, like most Malawians.

Chimwemwe- my 25 yr old sister.  She has one child, Gerradi and is getting married in December.  She will move to South Africa with her fiance.

Sampson- I don't know much about him, but whenever I go to the market he finds me and greets me.  He doesn't speak any English, but loves to talk to me in Chichewa, I can't comprehend what he says.  He's so nice.

Roy- my boss.  I ride on the motorbike with him when we go places like the field.  He's a super all around guy, understands the key importance of teamwork and likes to eat sugar cane for lunch.  (I do too, but it takes me half an hour to eat it)

Madalitso- my 30 year old brother, he's mysterious.  I enjoy his company.  I showed him a card trick and he thought it was real magic.