To promote human development, we strive to drive change in Canada and in developing communities. Here at home, EWB is raising awareness among Canadians about the impact of their daily actions on developing communities. We aim to make Canada a model global citizen in the fight against poverty. Overseas, our volunteers promote human development in some of the world's most impoverished communities. They help build knowledge and capacity among local entrepreneurs and organisations so they can spread innovative and appropriate solutions to the challenges of poverty.

Poverty is not about weakness. For the 800 million people who go hungry each day and the one billion who lack access to clean water, poverty is an absence of opportunity. Engineers Without Borders is responding to this urgent need, helping people in developing communities gain access to technologies that will improve their lives. We believe that technology, when appropriately incorporated into each community's social, cultural, economic and political context, can drive extraordinary change. We promote human development through access to technology by:

  • Partnering with developing communities to help build the capacity of their technical sector
  • Raising awareness among Canadians about how they can make decisions that positively impact communities overseas
  • Encouraging the Canadian government to become a model global citizen by taking on a leadership role in poverty alleviation

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