Why we work in Canada Extreme poverty is not inevitable. And 32 million Canadians who believe it unjust can choose to make a difference in the lives of the three billion people who live in poverty. That is why EWB is working in Canada—striving to make Canada a model global citizen. We live in an increasingly interconnected world in which the actions and decisions of people in Canada can have a profound effect on developing communities. Moreover, Canadians are proud of our country's tradition of leadership on international issues—from peacekeeping, to the International Campaign to Ban landmines, to the International Criminal Court. We believe that Canadians want to continue this tradition; they want Canada to become a beacon—a model global citizen—for how the world responds to the challenge of global poverty. Choosing to reduce poverty will only happen when people understand the connections between their daily actions and the lives of people in developing communities. That is why our 20,000 members are raising awareness among the general population and challenging: * Canadians to make pro-poor decisions * Our government to improve their policies * Canadian corporations to adopt fair and humane practices EWB programs such as high school outreach, curriculum enhancement and EWB Day are each making important inroads towards increased engagement of the Canadian population so that they can make increasingly informed decisions every day.