Engineers Without Borders 2010 fundraising campaign, World of Opportunity is ongoing.  This is a great chance to financially contribute to EWB's work, and support great projects  both on the ground in Africa - in water, infrastructure and agricultural sectors - and here in Canada pushing for government policies that better help the poor.  It's a great cause, and with the tight ship EWB runs, you can be confident the donation you make is actually going to help directly.  You can find the full details on the Where your donation goes page.

You can directly support our upcoming Junior Fellow candidates - Kathryn and Payton - by donating to their individual campaign pages here:
Kathryn's World of Opportunity  -  Payton's World of Opportunity
Kathryn and Payton will be volunteering overseas with EWB in the summer of 2010 - we're really excited for them and for the work they'll be doing.

A number of other U of S chapter members and alumni are also running World of Opportunity campaigns for EWB, including Sarah Grant (currently working as a long-term EWB volunteer in Ghana!), Colleen Steele (one of our 2009 Junior Fellows), Jonathon Stockdale, Andre Pant (both past U of S Junior Fellows), John McClean, Erin Placatka, Sydney Byrns and Mark and Sean Boots.

Thanks to everyone who is donating to these campaigns for supporting EWB's great work.  Kudos also to everyone who has set up a campaign so far!  If you have and aren't on this list, email

Have a wonderful holiday!